About Erich

You are probably here because I write profusely for industry magazines and blogs, or because I’ve won some awards for my work, but more likely the former. I’ve been digitizing for machine embroidery since 2000, and have spent the years since 2004 doing so for Albuquerque, New Mexico’s  Black Duck Embroidery and Screen Printing as well as creating and managing their e-commerce solutions (and handling a myriad of IT challenges).

I wrote the On Links and Needles blog for Stitches Magazine for many years before they became Wearables Magazine, writing about everything from the obvious digitizing and embroidery techniques to e-commerce practices, to integrating technology into your day, and veered off into the quantified life, motivation, marketing, and self-help when the mood strikes me. I am also a frequent contributor to the magazine, including my role as one of the authors of their (once again, award-winning) Ask an Expert column.

Since 2013, I’ve been writing longer format articles for Printwear Magazine. Most of them cover the technical aspects of designing and executing better, more artistic, and more efficient machine embroidery. I’ve been very lucky to enlist the help of my lovely wife Celeste as an amateur photographer- really, her pictures of my embroidery may well be more compelling than the text.

I also write a monthly post for MrXStitch.com, the site from the immensely talented Jamie ‘Mr X Stitch’ Chalmers. My column is entitled ‘Ghost in the (Embroidery) Machine‘ wherein I expose a more varied readership of artists, crafters, craftivists, and fiber-workers and lovers of all stripes to the inner workings of machine embroidery and digitizing.

If you’ve made it this far, you are probably wondering if I do or have done anything that’s not embroidery-adjacent. Here’s the quick facts- Even while I was first learning my craft, I was busy securing a degree from the University of New Mexico in English, however, my primary focus was in Medieval Studies. Imagine me translating bits of Beowulf from a regularized Old English edition, and you are close to the mark. My primary interest, however, was always early Medieval Scandinavia. My love for Icelandic Sagas and Mythological poetry translated to a summer in Iceland that still haunts my artistic sensibilities to this day.

I have variously been a writer of poetry (still am on occasion), a player of folk music (Appalachian or Mountain Dulcimer, though I’m rusty of late), and I am an avid reader of nearly all genres, with a daily habit that ranges from all manner of fiction and poetry to non-fiction and scientific studies. I am a lover of technology, and as the ad-hoc IT staff at every company at which I’ve been employed, I’m equally comfortable building a computer as threading up a multi-head machine.

If I had to boil it all down to one ideal, it’s that whether we choose ink , words, or thread, I feel that we all have the need to express ourselves, to see the world through others’ expressions of themselves, and to attempt mutual understanding through the conversations that drive creates. I love what I do, for I get to be a vehicle of a very personal form expression through decorating apparel- and in writing about that, I am able to start conversations that further this all-important need for myself and my readers.

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